Shocking Moment a Distracted Driver Smashes Through a Parked Car and Narrowly Misses Ploughing Down an Onlooker

A police body camera has captured the shocking moment a distracted driver smashed into a parked car.

Officers were already on the scene in North Ipswich on the Warrego Highway following an earlier crash on Friday morning.

The disturbing footage, in south-west Brisbane, shows the truck smashing into a parked car as well as narrowly missing a man who was just meters away.

Truck Smashes Into Car

‘He (driver) was lucky no one was seriously hurt and escaped with minor injuries himself,’ a Queensland police spokesperson told Yahoo7.

‘When you are traveling on the roads this holiday season, be aware of your surroundings and get home safely.’

Truck Misses Onlookers

Police have also stressed the need for drivers to adhere to the speed limit, with double deremit points commencing in many Australian states on Friday.

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