Masked Thugs Hold a Huge Blade to Brave Shopkeeper’s Throat as He Tries to Fight Off Three Knife Raiders

Dramatic CCTV shows how a brave shopkeeper fought to defend his store during a knife-point robbery by three armed men. The masked thugs entered the Spar store on Laceby Road in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, at around 10.15pm on Wednesday 19 December.

The gang pulled out large knives and threatened shop owner Mahalingham Gopithas, demanding he hand over cash and cigarettes, and left him with cuts on his hands and neck. Security footage shows how one of the men hopped over the counter, before pulling a knife on Mr. Gopithas who tries to knock the man back.

The brave shopkeeper then tries to pull the knife away from the attacker but then decides to open the till as he moves out of the camera’s view before being seen again on the other side of the counter.

Robbers Attack Casheir

Two men hold Mr. Gopithas in place and move towards the door but stumble, bringing the shop owner crashing to the ground with the knives still pressed against his stomach.

Mr. Gopithas still tries to escape the men’s grasp and manages to crawl around onto his hands and knees – all while the two men hold knives close to him. The men then push the shopkeeper as the third fill up a bag with cigarettes.

Shopkeeper Fights Robbers

As the three men leave, stealing £350 in cash and £4,000 worth of cigarettes, one of them aggressively pushes Mr. Gopithas before they rush out of the door.

Thieves Ran Away

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