Animal Expert Gets Stung By An Executioner Wasp, And It’s Named That For A Reason…

Coyote has been stung and bit by all manner of painful creature, but we’ve never seen him react quite this way.



There are many insects on this Earth that make people squirm, yet an animal expert decided to voluntarily get stung by the “King of Stings” — the executioner wasp.




Coyote Peterson, a well-known bug enthusiast, posted a video of his nightmarish task on his YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness. Peterson, who’s famous for his bug sting challenges, got extremely cozy with this giant, yellow-bodied insect in Costa Rica. Little did he know how painful a slight pinch of the executioner wasp’s stinger could be.




According to Brave Wilderness, the executioner wasp is a gold wasp that populates the jungles of Central and South America. These wasps, which feed caterpillars to their young and pollinate flowers, are not known to be aggressive. However, their stings are known to deliver heavy pain, and could lead to allergic reactions and death.

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