Subway Worker and Grandmother-of-nine Fends Off Two Robbers With a Box Cutter

Standing at just 4 feet, 9 inches tall, Houston grandmother Guadalupe Rojas was no match for a pair of thugs who attempted to rob the Subway sandwich shop where she works but armed with a box cutter, the fearless employee managed to foil the heist.

The CCTV footage shows the Subway employee valiantly standing her ground and tussling with the two men.

One of the attackers grabs a metal trey and hits the employee over the head, then punches her in the face several times.

Shopkeepers Fight Off Thievs

At one point, Rojas’ co-worker comes in between her and the assailant to protect her from the blows raining down on her.

It appears from the video that Rojas managed to slash the thug who battered her in the arm, causing him to bleed.

Having encountered such a ferocious resistance from the feisty Subway worker, both suspects turned tail and fled the eatery empty-handed.

Subway Employee Fends Off Theives

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