‘Obese’ Sheep Is Spotted Blindly Running Around a Field With a Poultry Feeder Stuck on Its Head After Trying to Sneak an Extra Lunch

An ‘obese’ sheep was spotted running around a field blindly with a poultry feeder on his head. The sheep thought it could swipe an extra lunch from a poultry feeder – only to get its head stuck.

Charlie Tompkins was staying at The Sharnbrook Hotel in Bedfordshire when he spotted the ‘overweight and well fed’ sheep stuck in what he at first thought was a traffic cone.

Footage shows the sheep running around the field in a panic before her pals come running over to see what the commotion is and circle her in a bid to get at the food.

Sheep Feeder Stuck

The 44-year-old father-of-one managed to alert the owners and the poor sheep was eventually freed.

Charlie, from Clapham, Bedfordshire, said: ‘All sheep are greedy – they’d waste more than they can eat if you just left them to it.

‘We got up in the morning and my little boy who’s seven noticed this sheep walking around with what we thought was a traffic cone from afar, but was actually a poultry feeder. If you could hear his laugh.

Poor Sheep Is stuck

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