The Picture of Innocence: a Healthy Two-week Old Baby Is Found Abandoned at a Bangkok Market in the Middle of the Night Just Days Before Christmas

A two-week-old baby was rescued after he was abandoned on a closed market stall in Thailand following a suspected argument between his parents.

Residents in the Thawi Watthana district of Bangkok reported hearing an infant crying last Thursday evening at around 11pm.

The baby boy was then discovered wrapped in Mickey Mouse blankets on a table where traders, who had all gone home for the day, usually sell coconut water.

Rescuers Find Baby

The emergency services treated the infant at the scene before he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was found to be healthy.

Rescue worker Rakkanna Nakanrak from the Por Teck Thung Foundation, which found the infant, said he was between 10 and 20 days old.

Babies Rescued

Police investigating the incident said witnesses said they saw a man and a woman carrying a baby who were arguing earlier in the evening.

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