Woman’s High-top Hairdo Causes Argument on Bus as She Boasts ‘I Know I Look Good’

A woman’s high-top hairstyle was the cause of an argument with another passenger on a bus as she insisted “I know I look good”. Video footage shows a lady sat on board a bus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, with a somewhat extravagant hairdo.

The black wavey hair almost covers her eyes and is raised many inches above her head.

But it becomes the central topic of a rather confusing spat with another woman on Thursday, who advised her she shouldn’t go for the look.

High Top COntroversy

The woman with the big hair defended herself, arguing that she gets compliments all the time.

She then tells her challenger “bye Felicia” – a line made famous by rapper Ice Cube thought to be used to ‘get someone out of your face’.

HighTOp Fight

According to the caption, the video ended with the second woman moving seats.

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