Dramatic Moment a Yacht Bursts Into Flames Causing a Five-year-old Girl and Her Family to Jump Overboard Into Shark-infested Waters

A family was forced to dive into the ocean as their boat went up in flames as they sailed through shark-infested waters.

Five adults and five-year-old child set out from Perth to Rottnest Island on Boxing Day when the fire started in the engine room about 9 am.

The fire quickly spread to the rest of the 15m boat before they could call for help and they all dived into the water to an uncertain fate.

Family Boat Bursts Into Flames

They flailed in the ocean until they were rescued by a passing vessel and later transferred to a Fremantle Volunteer Marine Rescue boat.

No one was injured and the family was taken back to shore but their boat was completely burned and later sunk.

Family Jumps Overboard

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