Thoughtful Flight Attendant Signs Safety Information For Deaf Passengers

Talk about going above and beyond the basic call of duty! A thoughtful flight attendant signed the safety instructions to passengers ahead of take-off.

Alaska Airlines passenger Mel Hignell was on a flight from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, California, when she noticed the flight attendant signing while wearing an oxygen mask, showing passengers where it would fall from the ceiling in case of an emergency.

Mel, a Portland native who flies pretty frequently, said, “It was pretty awesome. I’ve been flying for years and never seen a flight attendant do anything like this before.”

Flight Attendant Signs Safety Info

The Alaska Airlines flight attendant also signed how to fasten and unbuckle the plane’s seat belts, among other instructions that weren’t caught on tape.

She continued, “He signed the entirety of the safety instructions. If I had realized he was going to do something so cool, I’d have filmed the whole thing. I couldn’t see who he was signing for, but I’m sure they appreciated it.”

Although Mel filmed the flight attendant back in February 2018, she just recently uploaded the video to social media in hopes of finding the thoughtful flight attendant and acknowledging his good work.

Thoightful Service

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