Brazen hooded thief steals car in front of stunned owner

This is the shocking moment a pair of brazen thieves steal a worker’s car from outside an office block in full view of stunned employees before speeding away. The horrified owner of the Ford Fiesta ST-3 screamed ‘no, no, no’ as one of the hooded crooks hacked the keyless ignition system of her £8,000 vehicle and floored the accelerator, almost hitting bystanders as they fled.





Police were called to the scene in Harlow, Essex, shortly after 5pm on Tuesday December 18th but officers were unable to locate the suspects. A witness claimed employees had confronted the thieves and tried to force them out of the car when they first spotted them, but ran back inside the building and dialled 999 after one of the men threatened them.

Brazen hooded thief steals car


The video of the incident filmed by an onlooker was shared on social media in an urgent appeal to find the car and has been viewed more than 100,000 times. It shows several employees watching the crooks from the doorway of the building, as one asks: ‘Is someone calling the police?’

Brazen hooded thief steals car in front of stunned owner


The tyres screech as the driver then starts the car and ploughs forward forcing two women to jump out of the way as he flees the scene. The footage sparked a row among social media users, with some arguing the staff should have done more to stop the thieves.



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