Ferocious Big Cat Comes Out of Nowhere and Leaves Four Injured While Crowd Flees in India

A leopard injured four people after charging into a crowd of people in India today. The wild animal launched itself into the crowded area, causing panic as people tried desperately to flee.

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Chilling footage emerged of the beast charging at lightning speed into the large crowd and injuring four people. The animal was seen emerging from the undergrowth before the big cat raced towards the group and sank its teeth into an onlooker.

Leopard Attacks Crowd

The shocking video begins with the leopard standing in a field before it launched itself towards the crowd. Villagers spotted the leopard and called the forest department. As forest officials arrived to try to catch the animal, a large group of onlookers assembled.

People fled but the leopard pounced on someone before panic set in for the cameraman as the video then showed the ground as he ran away.

Leopard Injures 4 People

The incident happened near Vaniyambadi village in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, India today.

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