Former Aston Villa and England Under-17 Footballer Is Jailed for Nine Months for Kicking, Punching and Throwing His Shoe at a Female Student Nurse

This is the moment an ex-Aston Villa and England under-17s player kicked, punched and threw his shoe at a student nurse during a brutal road rage attack.

CCTV captures from the moment the pair park up in parallel bays. Calder then examines the rear of his car while walking towards her. He is seen punching her through her open car window after which she desperately reverses to get away.

In a panic, she tries to drive off but collides with his ‘treasured’ Mercedes for a second time. Calder attempts to open her passenger door and the shaken woman reverses again – narrowly missing another parked car.

Ex Footballer Road Rage Attack

She parks and he runs over to her, punching her in the face repeatedly through the window. He yanks opens her car door and kicks her twice.

The footballer then grabs a shoe from inside her vehicle and attacks her with it while trying to drag her out onto the floor.

Woman Is Shocked

The victim said she was ‘utterly disgusted’ by Calder’s actions and later sent messages to a mutual friend asking for £5,000 to not go to the police.

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