Clever Puss Frantically Paws Tablet Screen and Slices Fruit as She Plays Computer Game – and Gets a Higher Score Than Her Owner

This is the hilarious moment a cat frantically swipes at its owner’s tablet screen to play a popular game. Mao Mao uses her paws to slash moving objects as they come onto the screen in the popular game Fruit Ninja.

The black and white feline enthusiastically plays while sitting on a blanket in northern China’s Tianjin City. Making sure not to scratch the screen, Mao Mao keeps her claws in and only uses the pads of her paws to play.

The cat gets her face close to the screen during one intense round, and her whiskers almost touch the tablet.

Cat Plays With IPad

During another level of the timed game, Mao Mao sits on her hind legs and pushes her rear paw against the tablet’s edge for some extra support.

According to her owner, the cat mimicked her actions and played a level of the game once she left the tablet on a sofa while taking a break.

Cat Fruit Ninja

The cat reportedly had a better score than her owner, managing to slice more fruit in half and progress to the next stage.

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