Miss Africa Contest Almost Ends in Disaster as Winner’s Hair Catches Fire on Stage

A beauty pageant almost ended in disaster when one of the contestant’s hair went up in flames while she was on stage. Dorcas Kasinde had just been announced as the winner of Miss Africa 2018 when pyrotechnics were set off to celebrate her victory.

As Dorcas, who was representing Congo, cried tears of joy and hugged another contestant, her hair caught fire.

Footage shows the 24-year-old seeing the flames out the corner of her eye as a man runs over and begins patting her head.

Miss Congo Hair On Fire

Gasps can be heard from the audience while people rush to her aid.

Fortunately, Dorcas was not injured and she later posted a video assuring her fans she was ok.

Flaming Hair

These pageants are stepping up their game.

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