Kite Surfer’s Crashes Into Shark Sending Him Flying in to the Air in Crazy Video

A professional kite surfer collided with a shark off the Dominican Republic coast and the moment was caught on camera.

A GoPro camera captured video of Australian surfer Alex Soto’s unexpected shark encounter while he was in Cabarete training for the 2019 Pan American Games.

Soto said his board was headed toward the water and he saw the shark moments before the crash, but it was too late for him to avoid the predator.

Kite Surfer Crashes Into Shark

The video shows Soto losing his board, but holding onto his kite as he falls into the water.

“I went back to the school where I work, and I told the guys but they didn’t believe me, but I had my GoPro and I showed them the video,” Soto told The West Australian.

Surfer Sent Flying

He said he does not blame the shark, which survived the encounter.

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