Man’s New Year’s Kiss Gets Rejected On Live TV

This guy was taught a public lesson in consent when the clock struck midnight.



It’s a happy new year! Well, unless not everything went quite to plan. Like if, say, the party was quiet or the fireworks were a disappointment. But don’t worry. It’s 2019 now, that’s all in the past and we can forget about it – that is, unless it was all caught on live TV, then shared online. Which is exactly what happened to this guy.




As the ball gets ready to drop, plenty of couples pucker up for that all-important midnight NYE smooch – well, this guy was a little more eager than his intended partner as he went fully in for the kiss but she didn’t seem too keen to reciprocate in quite the same way.




In the clip, as the camera stops on the guy, he turns and goes in for a full on open-mouth kiss. However, the blonde girl simply shudders as she turns away. AWKWARD.

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