Floyd Mayweather Paid $9 Million For Embarrassing Two-Minute Knockout Of Tenshin Nasakuwa

Floyd Mayweather has defeated Tenshin Nasakuwa during the first round of a fight which lasted a mere two minutes and 19 seconds.


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The exhibition took place at a packed Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, and marked 41-year-old Mayweather’s first bout since his Las Vegas victory against Conor McGregor in August 2017.




Mayweather knocked the 21-year-old kick boxing champion down three times in the unusually short bout, forcing Nasukawa’s corner to throw in the towel. Mayweather could be seen laughing and dancing while he defeated Nasakuwa in his usual confident manner, while the younger man was left in tears.




Mayweather was awarded $9 million for the win (approximately $64,700 per second!) and later described his opponent as being ‘a great fighter and a great champion’. The American fighter even handed the trophy over to Nasakuwa in a gesture of respect.

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