Racing Fan Goes Viral After Taking A Drink From Secret Binocular Flask

When we call this a game-changer, we really mean it. Have you ever snuck drink into a festival or a concert? Don’t lie, we won’t judge you…We know you have, and we’ve seen some extremely creative ways of going about it in the past, but we think this is our favourite one yet.



One punter at Cheltenham Racecourse on Tuesday afternoon had a pair of binoculars around her neck, or so it seemed. Those binoculars were merely a disguise, for a binocular-shaped flask.




What a way to kick off 2019. Classy, calm and collected – she even fits in perfectly with her surroundings as the bloke behind her also has a pair of binoculars which look exactly the same (it would be too coincidental if his was also a sneaky little flask).




Incredible stuff, right? While we have to encourage people to drink responsibly, we also encourage acts of creative genius like this…

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