Woman Punches Police Horse Before Officer Grabs Her Hair And Throws Her To The Ground

One New Year’s Eve reveller risked it all when she punched a police horse – something she probably instantly regretted when she found herself being dragged by her hair and wrestled to the floor.



The confrontation unfolded near a pizza parlour in Adelaide as diners watched on. South Australian Police have investigated and confirmed that the intended target of the initial blow was the officer on foot stood just next to the horse. It’s also believed that the woman has not been charged.




The footage shows the woman in green lash out at the officer, only to strike the horse, before a second officer, riding the horse, leans forward and grabs a fistful of her hair.




The woman is then thrown backwards to the floor while other officers arrive at the scene. She is then picked up and moved away from the path of others celebrating the New Year.

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