Pastor Asks God to Help Him Jump on Table, God Says Nope

Why was someone recording tho?



A Boston pastor went viral for taking a literal leap of faith during his final sermon of the year and landing flat on his head.

Matthew K. Thompson, 46, senior pastor of Jubilee Church, has been preaching to thousands at the largest church in New England for over 18 years. But what happened on Sunday put him in front of millions of eyes when he failed at a jump on a mini-trampoline.




Thompson said the Lord gave him the title “I’m over it” and the illustration of jumping over a hurdle, and throughout his sermon, the hurdle got higher and higher, until he couldn’t jump over it on his own. The analogy was to show that at some point in our lives, we need help from God.




Before he finished the sermon, he did successfully attempt the jump again to prove his point.

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