Basketball Player Jumps Too High, Wrecks Himself

North Central College player Blaise Meredith got way, way up for a block attempt against Augustana College. So high up that he ran face-first into the backboard. It’s an brutal hit, but luckily Meredith was able to walk it off.


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North Central College guard Blaise Meredith got the block on a fast break, but it cost him, after he jumped just a bit too high.

Playing against Augustana College on Wednesday in Rock Island, Meredith sprinted to chase down Chrishawn Orange on a fast break, leaping high to make the block as Orange went for the layup.




While he did manage to swat the ball out of bounds, he ended up slamming face-first into the backboard.

Meredith had jumped so high, as he was coming back down, his hip landed on Orange’s shoulder, carrying his head into the backboard, and sending him sprawling onto the hardwood.




Amazingly, Meredith wasn’t seriously hurt, and he returned to the game just moments later.

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