Former champion French boxer is caught on camera punching riot police

A rioter facing up to five years in prison after being filmed beating up police during a day of intense Yellow Vest violence in Paris can today be identified as a former champion French boxer.



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Christophe Dettinger was pictured lashing out at officers on a River Seine bridge during anti-government protests on Saturday afternoon. Extraordinary videos capture the savagery, showing Dettinger using his fists and feet against the police. On Sunday, he was on the run after investigating sources in the French capital confirmed he was the boxer who won France’s Light Heavyweight title in October 2007.



Prosecutors and judicial police intend to arrest the suspect, who faces between three and five years in prison if found guilty of attack a state official, said the source. Mr Dettinger, who is 6ft 4ins tall, is known as the ‘Gypsy of Massy’, after the south Paris suburb where he was bought up in a community of travelers.



He made no effort to cover his face during the rioting, at times adjusting a dark blue beany cap, as worn by Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, in the Rocky films. Mr Dettinger, who held his champion title for two years, has won 18 fights out of 22, seven by knock out.



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