A pretty perfect robbery: Thief robbing store decides she has time to do her makeup

Thief breaks into a beauty store, steals wads of cash then stops to apply makeup and CURLS her lashes. As any thief knows, the goal should not be just to rob a store of money, but to look good doing it.





Closed circuit cameras showed a woman sneaking in to a beauty salon in southwestern China on December 21 before dawn. The woman manages to get through the locked entrance door and heads to the area behind the counter.



She finds a huge wad of cash and takes it. Instead of being satisfied with the money, she apparently notices some makeup on the counter and begins to apply some.



The thief could not help but take an interest in the beauty products, even taking her time in using the eyelash curler. She then calmly leaves the store the same way she entered it. Police are investigating.



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