That’s snooker loopy! Empty pint glass explodes in haunted bar

This is the mysterious moment a glass explodes without being touched inside a ‘haunted’ snooker club. One possible rational explanation for the vessel shattering is that hot glass can break when subjected to sharp contrasts in temperature.





But Kayleigh Woods, a barmaid who was sitting yards away from the glass when it exploded in Newcastle’s Whitley Lodge Snooker and Sports Bar, says the glass was cool. She has been suggesting for some time that the venue may be ‘haunted’. In CCTV footage she shared to Facebook, Ms Woods can be seen to the right of the bar, mouth aghast as the glass shatters into tiny fragments.



Ms Woods claims the regulars are spooked, saying they have never seen anything like it there before. But not everyone agrees with her assessment. Online, commenters are more sceptical perhaps partly because Ms Woods has recently launched a ghost-hunting business.



She insists that is merely a ‘coincidence’, adding she’s never blamed the blast on ghosts, spirits or anything else that goes bump in the night but is open to the idea that it is a possible explanation.



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