IKEA Store Accidentally Plays Adult Movie On Big Screen

IKEA is the go-to place if you’re looking for a bookcase, lamp, delicious meatballs or a fight with your other half, what you might not expect is to see pornography on a big screen, but that’s exactly what a bunch of customers at a Hong Kong store saw earlier this week.


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The Causeway Bay branch accidentally – well, I assume accidentally – displayed a video of a man carrying out a solo sex-act on its outside screen while shocked shoppers looked on.




In a short clip shared with Apple Daily, a female employee can be seen desperately trying to cover the screen with a towel. Still, at least there’s plenty of towels lying around, being IKEA.

The clip played for three minutes before it was stopped when someone pulled the plug on the telly.




According to local reports, children were ‘scared’ by what they saw on the screen…and I’m sure the adults weren’t best pleased, either.

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