Drunk Man Confronts An Elephant & It Almost Cost Him His Life!

According to local media in Sri Lanka, the man in a purple short-sleeved jacket approached the elephant and made a provocative gesture.


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As expected, the elephant rushed towards him directly after being provoked, stamping the man alive with a few stamps, which lasted only about 10 seconds.




It is reported that the deceased, a local resident, was taking tourists around, but had been drunk beforehand but unknowingly met the elephant on the provocation, triggering the elephants rage.

The elephant can be seen stepping onto the drunk man while shouting can be heard in the background. Another man then approaches trying to drive away the elephant.




After the incident, the park said that it was illegal to leave the vehicle and wander around the park without authorization. In the future, legal measures will be taken against the perpetrators of similar acts.

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