Dumb Thief Tries To Steal A Bicycle From A Police Station

It must be nice for the officers to have crime come to them for a change. The hoodie he’s wearing is also pretty ironic.



“Dumb” is how a Gladstone, Oregon, cop described the attempt after officers arrested the suspect on the spot. The would-be bicycle thief appears to be a few spokes short of a wheel.




Adam Valle is accused of trying to steal a locked two-wheeler right in front of a sign for the police department in Gladstone, Oregon, while cops inside watched on a surveillance camera.

The Associated Press’s edited video, below, shows the hoodie-wearing suspect approach the bike with bolt cutters, which he uses to clip off the lock before he’s caught in the act by an officer with a stun gun.




Cops removed Valle’s hood and facemask and took him to jail within minutes.

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