Cold-hearted hooligan torments a sleeping homeless man with a blaring air horn

A cold-hearted hooligan ran up to a sleeping homeless man and taunted him with an air horn in front of a group of yobs in Leeds.





In the clip, which shows the moment he torments the rough sleeper with the loud-sounding pneumatic device, the man sneaks towards him holding the horn. Moments later he leans in and blasts the horn down his ear, leaving the homeless man to jump back in shock while the yob laughs with his friends. A group of bystanders who were passing as the event unfolded shouted ‘it’s not funny’ as the thugs continued to joke about the prank.



According to statistics from September 2018, six people had lost their lives on the streets of Leeds in the previous 18 months and there were eight rough sleepers considered to be at ‘high risk’, due to suffering with complex medical conditions.



However despite these risks the number of people sleeping in parks, alleyways and on public transport has continued to rise in the city.



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