Quick-thinking pedestrian outwits robbers in a car with some nifty changes of direction

A quick-thinking pedestrian outwits a robber who pursuing him by car by swiftly changing direction and running away.





CCTV footage, believed to have been captured in Argentina, shows a man walking down the street with a bag of shopping. A vehicle’s headlights shine bright as it approaches the pedestrian and slows to a halt beside the man. Realising he is in danger, the man begins to race down the street away from the robbers.



But the driver of the car accelerates at speed and reverses backwards, chasing the man ominously as he tries to escape. But the man outwits the robbers and suddenly changes direction and runs quickly away before the car has time to catch up.



And as the car tries to follow, the man changes direction again to confuse the driver and manages to run down a side street away from the robbers.



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