Burglars breaking into a house then running back out with the furious homeowner

Three bungling burglars attempting to break into a house have to make a speedy escape when they discover the homeowner is inside.



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A hilarious CCTV clip, filmed in Scholes, West Yorkshire, captures the three crooks as they pull up outside the house moments after homeowner Steve Burke opens his door to welcome a guest. The would-be thieves then jump over the fence into the courtyard oblivious to the fact someone is home. Two of the men watch on as their accomplice attempts to open the door with a pair of bolt cutters.



But moments later, a man in dressed in a red Hilti jacket sprints away from the house and leaps back over the wall as the homeowner notices the attempted break-in. Another would-be thief in black runs alongside him as a third jumps the fence from around the corner.



As they clamber over the fence Mr Burke runs out of his home in hot pursuit. He leaps onto the wall and throws a block of wood at their white Seat car as they pile in and attempt to escape.



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