Cheetahs are spotted having a threesome as two males mate with a female at the same time in incredibly rare sighting

Two male cheetahs have been spotted mating with the same female in an incredibly rare sighting captured on camera. The extraordinary mating ritual was recorded on camera in the Kalahari Desert by a group of tourists as four giraffes looked on.



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The footage, taken at Tswalu reserve in South Africa, captured the moment both male cheetahs pinned the female to the ground. As the female tried to wriggle free one male sank his teeth into the back of her neck to hold her in place. Both males then jostled to get on top before the female fought them off.



Juan Venter, who captured the rare scene on video, said the sight was so rare because cheetahs are usually shy when mating. The Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is a privately owned game reserve in the Northern Cape of South Africa.



It is South Africa’s largest private game reserve, covering an area of over 114,000 hectares.



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