Scary moment lightning strikes a F-18 fighter jet cockpit

This is the incredible moment lightening strikes the cockpit of a F-18 fighter jet. The pilot, who is known as Viper and from Kuwait, is startled when the lightening hits his aircraft and raises his arm towards his face.





Footage of the rare strike was shared on social media by Jack Barquist and has now been viewed more than 160,000 times. As the pilot is flying the twin-engine fighter jet a loud bang is heard and a flash of light fills the screen. Unsurprisingly Viper jumps and moves his head forward before reaching for his helmet and touching his goggles.



Mr Barquist said: ‘The aircraft sustained damage, but do not know the extent. Viper is okay, but claims he’s been really tired since the incident.’



Dozens of people have commented on the short clip saying it is incredible that the lightening was captured on camera and that the pilot was very ‘lucky.’



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