Mum showing off her spinning skills knocks over child

This is the hilarious moment a mother knocks her daughter to the ground when she demonstrates how to do a pirouette. The clip, filmed in Germanton, North Carolina, captures the woman as she prepares to perform a ballet spin in front of a group of friends.





But as she gets into position with her arms out by her sides her daughter jumps down from the sofa behind her. The child, wearing Little Mermaid pyjamas, then runs towards the woman as she begins to spin on one leg. But as she reaches out to her spinning mother she is hit in the head by a passing knee and falls to the ground.



The woman immediately stops spinning and rushes to the little girl who is lying on her front on the wooden floor. Her friend then appears in the shot laughing loudly as a man sighs at the young girl’s tears.



The mother then picks up her daughter and appears to dial a number on a phone, walking further into the living room with the child on her hip. The clip, filmed on January 2, then pans to show other friends laughing at the mishap.



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