Wrestler Shoves Bloody Tampon In Opponent’s Mouth, Viewers Are Cramped

Wrestling can be the greatest thing in the world, yes it’s fake but it’s usually bloody brilliant, Priscilla Kelly though took the ‘bloody’ to a new limit when she shoved her tampon in her opponent’s face.



Wrestler Priscilla Kelly, who was part of WWE’s Mae Young Classic last year, losing to Deonna Perruzza in the first round, has certainly pulled out one crazy moment.




Kelly and Tuna was performing at Suburban Fight event in Los Angeles. Tuna was laid out in a chair and Priscilla yelled, _”You want a taste of tuna?”, then pulled out a bloody tampon and stuck the tampon in the mouth of Tuna.




The whole episode didn’t go down well with the wrestling community, period. Twitter was awash with people taking a shot at 21 year old.

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