Security Camera Catches Trespasser Licking Doorbell For 3 Hours

Authorities are searching for a man seen on security footage licking the doorbell of a California home.



Police have identified the man as Roberto Arroyo, 33, and say that he spent three hours around the Salinas home of Sylvia and Dave Dungan.




The couple had been out of town, but their children were asleep inside. They noticed something amiss when they woke up to multiple alerts from their surveillance system, which notifies the homeowners whenever there is movement near the front door.

Footage showed the man licking the doorbell. Police say that the man appears to have also relived himself in the family’s front yard.




Dungan asserted that the family wiped down the doors following the incident and Arroyo is said to have gone to a neighbor’s house as well. The family spent the rest of the weekend sanitizing their doorbells.

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