Medical Cart Drives Onto Field To Pick Up Injured Player, Runs Over Him Instead

This is definitely what they don’t teach you at medical school.


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Sure, soccer players often embellish how hard they’ve been fouled and the severity of their pain, but it’s still good medical practice not to drive over a player’s foot as they lie injured on the field.




Bernardo, a player for Trindade AC’s Under-20 side, was on the field in pain with an injury during the team’s Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior match against Brazilian club Flamengo on Sunday. The medical cart came out to help the player, but then the driver accidentally ran over Bernardo’s foot.

In the video, the driver and passenger of the cart are seen laughing, while the announcers are cracking up as well.




But Bernardo was able to return to the game, which Trindade won.

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