Huge Tree Branch Flying At Man Is Straight Out Of Final Destination!

You can do everything right when it comes to felling a dead tree, but sometimes nature plays funny (and very dangerous) tricks.



Here’s a description from the Youtube video: “We control felled a dead pine tree. One limb broke off said tree and shot 40 feet straight towards us. Felling dead trees can be very dangerous.”




This video is from a controlled fell of a dead pine tree Camp Hill, Alabama. As the tree hits the ground 40-feet-away, a massive branch shoots out, slamming into one of the workers.

It’s a 20 second clip, but watch it to the end. That tree wasn’t going down without taking someone else with it.




In the video, the tree cutters can be seen walking away from the tree. Didn’t took long before a branch shoots towards them. One of the men can be seen shielding from the branch. It was a good thing they were wearing helmets.

Dead trees can be very dangerous.

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