Friends Catching Alligator Blindfolded Is The Next Level ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Blindfolded daredevils pick up alligators and kiss them on the foreheads in a version of the ‘Bird Box challenge’ filmed years before the trend began.



Gtor handler Jason McDonald, 37, dug out old footage of his friends Natasha Burdo, Charlie Fox, Tiffany Ann Bradford and Scott Newcombe tackling gators blindfolded in 2013.

They were doing this before the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ was even a thing.




They pluck a creature out of the water and kiss it on the forehead as a crowd watches on from the bridge above.

Jason said they host a gator wrestling class in Colorado Gator Farm, helping collect as many gators as possible for wellness checks before the winter.




But as many people come back to the class each year, Mr McDonald decided to add an element of difficulty for skilled catchers – and asked them to wear blindfolds.

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