CCTV Captures Woman’s Heartwarming Gesture For Cold, Stray Dog

Don’t heartwarming gestures feel all the more heartwarming, when the giver doesn’t know they’re being filmed and has no idea that their act of kindness will ever make it into any public domain – let alone go viral?



The last thing on this lady’s mind as she left a Turkish cafe was becoming Facebook-famous. She was more concerned about the stray dog that lay outside in the cold.




Initially, she stood for a few seconds debating what her next steps would be as others walked past without even noticing the poor pooch.

Soon enough we can see Duygu remove her scarf before laying her umbrella on the floor and draping the garment over the dog, who wakes up for a brief moment.




Speaking to The Dodo, Duygu explained that she didn’t expect any praise – which makes it all the more beautiful.

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