A Local News Editor Got Fired For Doing This To Trump’s Face On Live TV

Trump’s live address from the Oval Office Tuesday for most was a bizarre and mostly unproductive waste of America’s collective evening.


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But it looks like one local news editor in Seattle took it upon himself to liven up Trump’s low-energy performance—by morphing the hell out of the president’s face during the broadcast.




According to the Seattle Times, the doctored footage aired on Q13, Seattle’s local Fox affiliate, and featured a stretched and distorted Trump, his skin an even more brilliant hue of orange, periodically rolling an oversized tongue around his lips like a Jabba the Hutt cosplayer.




It’s not clear when, exactly, the clip aired on Q13—it seems unlikely that the staffer was tweaking the footage live, so it probably aired during recaps after the fact—but one thing is abundantly clear: It is funny as all hell.

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