Dude Ignores His Mother’s Advice, Chops Down Dead Tree & Wreaks Havoc!

Two guys, a chainsaw, a tree, and a pickup truck… what could go wrong?



How about an amateur tree guy trying to fell a dead tree in the wrong direction. His pal, the videographer/narrator of this clip, is smart enough to get the hell out of the way. Oops, forgot about the pickup.




This video has three key points. There’s the narrator who’s shooting the video, there’s his brother-in-law who’s chopping down a dead tree with a chainsaw, and there’s the pickup truck that the falling tree crashes down on. The tree crashes down on it like it was a planned movie stunt.




I love the narrating brother-in-law saying mom Yolanda “may not approve . . . but she ain’t here.” Hey bro, there’s a reason for the phrase “Mom knows best.” You guys probably should listen to her a little more often.

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