Man with cerebral palsy lifts a dozen bricks with his teeth

A man born with cerebral palsy is supporting his less-fortunate family in rural China by lifting bricks with his teeth on a live-streaming platform every day. Shi Junke, 25, earns tips from his 250,000 online followers with the performance.





His father died four years ago, and he uses his income from the show about £160 a month to buy food for his family and pay for tuition fees for his younger sister.Mr Shi lives in Yiyang in central China’s Henan Province with his mother and 12-year-old sister. He has another younger sister, who is 18 years old and works in another city. Mr Shi said he wanted to show the others that he was capable of being the pillar of his family despite his condition. He also said that he wanted to give his mother and sister a better life. Mr Shi was born with cerebral palsy. He learned to walk at the age of seven and graduated from the primary school when he was 18, his mother told



Cerebral palsy is the umbrella term for a number of brain conditions that affect movement and coordination. Specifically, it is caused by a problem in the parts of the brain responsible for controlling muscles. The young man had spent a year practising the stunt before starting to host his show on Chinese social media.



At the moment, the man could lift around a dozen bricks in one go, which weigh about 40 kilograms (88 pounds). He said he earned about 2,000 yuan (£230) a month on good days and 800 or 900 yuan (£91-103) a month when there were fewer viewers. Apart from his impressive determination, Mr Shi has shown extreme kindness towards the others.



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