Stupefy-d! Harry Potter fans shoot fireworks at each other in dangerous Texas street duel

This is the shocking moment two men shoot firecrackers at one another in a Harry Potter-style duel. The remarkable footage, posted on Facebook earlier this week, shows the two friends shooting the dangerous fireworks at one another in the town of San Marcos, Texas.





Both men, named only as Frankie and Mike were filmed ducking and running around each other as they fired the burning projectiles from just meters away. They can be heard screaming and cheering as they are each frazzled by the potentially-deadly fireworks. ‘It’s wizarding 101, they weren’t drunk just doing it for fun,’ the anonymous filmer said. Social media commentators condemned their actions as reckless, with some Facebook users branding the firework fight ‘natural selection’.



One person said: ‘You wanna lose an eye!? Cause that’s how you lose an eye!!’ While another person said: ‘This is why women live longer than men.’



Just a day after the incident was filmed on December 30, a Texas man lost his life in a New Year’s Eve fireworks accident. Rory Allen McGlynn, 49, suffered a severe wound to his right shoulder and chest after one of the fireworks burnt him during launch.



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