Terrifying moment ballon seller causes inferno in an indian market

This is the terrifying moment a bunch of coloured balloons caused an explosion followed by a blaze in an Indian market. The incident took place in Rajkot market in Gujarat and caused ‘minor injuries’ to four people, according to news agency ANI.





The market is a hive of activity as people buzz around to a chorus of horns sounding in the background. Suddenly, the coloured balloons explode, causing people to scamper for cover. A vendor had been holding the balloons but disappeared in the midst of the explosion. The incident happened the day after Christmas. In October, India’s congress president Rahul Gandhi was travelling as part of a roadshow in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh when balloons exploded just feet away.



On that occasion, the balloons caused a huge burst of flames but nobody was injured. The balloons were being held by a man in the crowd when they came into contact with an oil lamp and caused the blast. Gandhi can be seen keeling back, startled by the explosion as his security team work to restore order to the perimeter around his vehicle.



Jabalpur superintendent of police Amit Singh said at the time that the congressman was never in any danger. ‘There would have been lapse if the incident had occurred inside the security ring, but it occurred around 15-feet away. ‘Nobody was injured in the incident, though there was a flame due to helium (gas) in the balloon,’ Singh told India Today.



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