Instant karma! ‘Drunk’ man falls flat on his face after kicking a dog

CCTV footage filmed in Revda, Russia shows a drunk man staggering on a road. A dog approaches the man and he aims a kick at it but he misses completely. His momentum propels him forward and he smashes his head off a car bumper. He ends up on the ground but then quickly gets up as the car’s alarm blares.



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This is the hilarious moment a drunk man in Russia aims a kick at a dog but misses and face-plants into a car bumper. CCTV footage filmed in Revda, in the Sverdlovsk region, shows the man staggering right and left as he walks in the middle of a road which is covered in snow.



He pulls his leg back and swings wildly at a dog which approaches him but makes no contact. The momentum of the kick causes the man to fall forward into the snow, smashing a car’s rear bumper on his way to the ground.



The man quickly gets up and walks away clutching his head as the car’s alarm goes off.



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