Pilot Caught Climbing Through A Cockpit Window

It’s such a horrible moment when the realisation sets in that you might’ve locked yourself out of your house or car.



To be fair, we’ve all been there. But one pilot went that step further when he’d been locked out of the plane and had to climb into the cockpit.

The unnamed pilot was caught on camera trying to squeeze his way through the cockpit window in order to gain access to the aircraft.




In the video – filmed looking out on to Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport – the pilot can be seen in a pretty awkward position with one leg already through the open window and the rest of his body outside the plane.

This is all while trying to balance himself on the plane and the platform that he had used to climb up. When the platform started to shake slightly, it was back to square one for the pilot who, clumsily, tried to climb back in.




Another member of the crew eventually shuffles up to help while he reached inside the cockpit window, it seems, to get the keys.

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