Armed Thief Tries To Rob Mexican Restaurant, Instantly Regrets It

An armed thief who attempted to rob a restaurant, instantly regretted his decision when the workers and customers fought back.



In the video the thief, who was wearing a dark-coloured hoodie, can be seen walking into the Mexican restaurant, strolling over to the counter, while initially hiding his weapon.

The man is then seen having a conversation with one of the restaurant’s employees before he walks into the ’employees only’ area of the eatery.




Seconds later an employee is seen evacuating customers, who rush out of the door as the thief smashes the cash register onto the floor. However, while trying to pick up the money, he’s hit over the head with a chair by another employee.

Other employees, joined by some customers, then run over, attempting to subdue the thief who’s seen throwing punches.




They hold him down until, as reported by the Daily Mail, the police arrive arresting him.

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