Flying into action! Royal Marine sets new assault course record as jet pack allows him to zoom over the obstacles

This is the incredible moment a Royal Marine was spotted using a jetpack to negotiate an assault course. Footage, captured at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone, Devon, shows the ‘rocket man’ soar above the grass with the device strapped to his back.





The commando can be seen flying through the air with a sleek jetpack on his back and directional rocket boosters strapped to his wrists. The device was part of a test flight performed by the British human propulsion technology start-up Gravity and was simply a demonstration. During the clip, the ‘rocket man’ lifts off from the ground and circles the assault course.



He demonstrates precise control, landing on top of a high wall before taking off again and swooping in to hover then nod at his commanding officer. A salute, however, was off the table with rockets attached to Green Beret’s arms.



The man then lowers himself before landing on his feet at the entrance of the truck parked on the ground.



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