Snow way! Truck clearing path for British family stuck in a drift in Austria

This is the moment a British tourist on a road trip with his family in Austria filmed a truck tentatively making its way through a giant snowdrift around 13-feet high.





Anthony Gibbon, from Carmarthenshire in southwest Wales, captured the remarkable scene on Monday January 14 at the ski resort of Ischgl in western Austria. Father-of-two Mr Gibbon said that snowfall had collected near a row of parked trucks that had to carve out a route through the giant snowdrifts. Video footage shows a truck truck trying to clear a path in the deep snow while five other large vehicles sit in the distance of the clip.



Some snow falls from the top of the newly-made path as the truck attempts to turn around in the snow. Local media have reported that the extreme weather conditions have affected locals and tourists in the area with up to 17,000 people cut off from the outside world.



Severe snowstorms have covered parts of central Europe in a huge blanket of snow over the last week.



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