Foiled! Soldiers prank friend by covering his entire room in tin foil

A soldier spent 10 hours covering his friend’s room in their barracks from top to bottom in tinfoil in a hilarious prank.





Scott Lewis, 28, a soldier in the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, decided to prank his friend Daniel Protheroe, 24, who had left his door unlocked in Norfolk while he was away on a skiing trip. Mr Lewis spent around 10 hours completing the prank, with the help of his friend Tom Harcourt, both from Swansea, and cover every inch of the room in silver foil. In the clip, Mr Lewis films a tour of the room to show off the finished masterpiece.



From his bed, to the shower curtain, the TV and even the toilet, every possession in the bedroom and bathroom was wrapped in the foil, including his toiletries in the bathroom. Mr Lewis even lifts up the toilet seat and turns on the tap to show the extent he had meticulously wrapped everything.



The soldier said he pranked his friend in order to ‘teach him a lesson’ for leaving his door unlocked.



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